Mahagastotte and Alma estates establish new records!

Mahagastotte and Alma estates surpass their own record prices and establish new record prices at the weekly tea auctions held on 31 October.


Mahagastotte Estate

Pedro Estate achieved an all-time record price of Rs. 980 per kg under the selling mark ‘Mahagastotte’ for a BOPF grade surpassing their previous record price of Rs. 900 per kg, in the Nuwara Eliya agro climatic planting district. This line of tea was purchased by M/s., Unilever Lipton Ceylon Ltd.

Alma Estate

Alma Estate bettered their previous record price of Rs. 750 per kg and established a new all-time record price of Rs. 780 per kg for a OP1 grade in the Udapussellawa elevational category. This invoice was purchased by M/s., Sinbad Ltd.


Alma Estate is situated in Kandapola, at an elevation of 1,450 metres above sea level and has a production capacity of 600,000 kg of made tea per annum. This estate is managed by Chula De Alwis and Ranjan Walpola of Nuwara Eliya Valley Plantations Ltd. as a joint venture with Mathurata Plantations PLC. 


The above record breaking teas were marketed by M/s., Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers Ltd.


Daily Ft, 06th November 2017.



About F&W

Forbes & Walker was set up in 1881 as a partnership between James Forbes and Chapmen Walker. Although there is no actual record of the date on which it was established the very first cash book, still in the possession of the Finance Director, indicates the brokerages were earned from 1st August 1881. In Sir Thomas Villiers' book “Mercantile Lore” the date of establishment of Forbes & Walker has been put down      Read More...

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