Board of Directors

YSHAN FERNANDO – Managing Director

YSHAN FERNANDOAuctioneer/Broker, Tea Taster and Valuer. 32 years experience in the Tea Trade.  

Commenced career at Messrs Eastern Brokers (Pvt) Ltd in December 1981 as a trainee in tea and coconut brokering. He served as Director Tea of Eastern Brokers (Pvt) Ltd for a period of 7 years prior to joining Forbes & Walker Ltd in August 1998. He was appointed a Director of Forbes & Walker Ltd and Managing Director of Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers (Pvt) Ltd. on 1st April, 1999.

During his career he has held appointments as Chairman, Colombo Brokers Association, Panel Member, Sri Lanka Tea Board and Panel of Surveyors, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. 


SHARADA SOSA – Director Finance








SAMAN MUNASINGHEDirector, Estate Manager, Visiting Agent, Manufacturing Advisor. 45 years of experience in the Tea Trade.

 Mr. Saman Munasinghe commenced employment in 1977 as an Assistant Superintendent for several estates managed by Janatha Estate Development Board. After his journey with Janatha Estate Development Board, he joined Talawakelle Plantations in 1992 as a Manager for Mattakelle Plantation and a Visiting Agent for Talawakelle Plantations. He also served as a key consultant to Coca Cola - Central Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He was later invited to join Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers (Pvt) Limited in February 2001 as a Manufacturing Consultant. Currently, he advises tea factories on quality manufacture. In addition, he also advises smallholders on updated agricultural practices and related issues such as shear/mechanized harvesting. He was appointed to the Board of Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers (Pvt) Limited on the 1 February 2003.



Auctioneer/Broker, Tea Taster and Valuer. 20 years experience in the tea trade.
Commenced employment as a Management Trainee at Forbes & Walker Commodity Brokers, brokering rubber and produce. Joined Bartleet & Co as a Tea Broker and was promoted as Assistant Manager in October 1999. Joined Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers as a Manager in July 2006 and was promoted as a Senior Manager in 2017.  Promoted to the post of Director in December 2020. Holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, and is a Chartered Marketer and a Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing. Holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Birmingham City. During his career he has served as the Tea Convener and a panel member of the Sri Lanka Tea Board.



Auctioneer/Broker, Tea Taster and Valuer. 20 years experience in the tea trade.
Commenced employment at Forbes & Walker Tea Dept in December 2006 as a Management Trainee. After successful completion of training was offered employment as an Executive in January 2008 and promoted  to the post of  Assistant Manager in 2012. Promoted to the post of Manager in 2017 and to the post of Per Pro in 2020. Promoted to the post of Director in February 2023. Holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.







About F&W

Forbes & Walker was set up in 1881 as a partnership between James Forbes and Chapmen Walker. Although there is no actual record of the date on which it was established the very first cash book, still in the possession of the Finance Director, indicates the brokerages were earned from 1st August 1881. In Sir Thomas Villiers' book “Mercantile Lore” the date of establishment of Forbes & Walker has been put down      Read More...

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