Dry January, February in Assam, West Bengal



Dry weather could become a major concern to tea industry and Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said summer will be hotter this year in most parts of the country. IMD said that maximum temperature will be as high as 0.86 degree centigrade higher than normal across Northern, Eastern and Western India.


Guwahati tea auction centre has dropped auction sales for the next two weeks as there are hardly any teas left at the centre.

Tea estates in Assam and West Bengal have received 50 per cent lesser rainfall in the months of January and February compared to the same months last year which will impact the production of first flush teas and that could adversely affect Indian exports, the tea companies said.


First flush teas, which are produced in March and April, are exported and are also used to freshen up the tea blends. Rainfall to the tune of 40 cm is required for producing first flush teas, but this year the estates have received only 20 cm of rainfall. The total production of first flush teas is to the tune of 100 million kg. India is the largest black tea producer in the world with annual production of around 1,390 million kg.


“The weather is very dry in Assam, the biggest tea producing region in the country.  We had an average rainfall of 15-20 cm in January and February this year compared to 35-40 cm in the same months last year. Last year, it rained for 10-12 days across the tea estates. But this year it has only rained for 3-6 days.


“If this dry spell continues then first flush teas that are produced in the months of March and April may get affected. If that happens, then it will also have an impact on second flush also. However, we are expecting that the weather will improve in the next one to two weeks.”


Courtesy: TBEA’s Mombasa Tea Market Report (Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com)

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