Innovative Technology to produce tea powder

In a groundbreaking stride, Assam Agricultural University (AAU) has unveiled an innovative technology for producing tea powder from raw tea leaves. This pioneering technique is set to invigorate Assam’s tea economy and usher in a windfall for over 500 organic tea cultivators in the region.


The process involves the transformation of tea leaves into a fine powder through drying and grinding. The resulting tea powder, endowed with antioxidants, stands as a potent shield against various diseases, amplifying its health benefits. Moreover, it serves as a robust source of caffeine, bestowing consumers with an energizing uplift.


The advent of tea powder technology holds the promise of renewed opportunities for modest tea farmers. This innovation ushers in a more convenient and budget-friendly method of savoring tea. Its prolonged shelf life and ease of transport translate to a hassle-free experience for individuals.


Source: Assam News (Extracts), Courtesy: Tea Exporters’ Association Sri Lanka

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