IIT -G develop pharmaceutical and foods products from tea waste

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati (IIT -G) have developed innovative technologies for sustainable and efficient utilization of tea waste from the tea industry.


According to a recent study, tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide with world tea consumption reaching 6.3 million tons and is expected to rise to 7.4 million tons by 2025. This huge increase in tea consumption leads to an increase in industrial tea waste generation which leads to non-utilization of valuable agricultural resources and deterioration of the environment.


Because of its high lignin and low inorganic content, efficient utilization of tea industry waste demands scientifically advanced techniques. Addressing the waste utilization and management issues becomes paramount as it aligns with sustainable practices and innovative solutions, ensuring both industrial growth and ecological preservation.


Source: Shilong Times (Extracts), Courtesy: Tea Exporters’ Association Sri Lanka

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