Nearly everyone in UK still drinks tea

The United Kingdom stands out as a nation where tea is a staple, with a significant portion of the population across all income brackets consuming a cuppa daily.


In May, it was revealed that 98% of UK residents drink tea daily. More than 100 million cups of tea are drunk every day in the UK,which estimates consumption at 36 billion cups per year.84% pick the option of a tea bag to make their black tea, with 16% opting for loose leaf.


The 2024 Tea Census show that the age cohort most likely to prefer loose-leaf black tea was the 30-44-year-olds (27%), compared with 16% of 18-29-year-olds, 12% of 45-59-year-olds, and only one in 10 (10%) of those aged 60+.


Young tea drinkers appreciatethe fantastic benefits for avoiding cardiovascular disease, improving muscle strength, and the anti-stress properties of polyphenols.Targeting youth may be the most important thing for the industry.


The UK market is valued at £1.7 billion ($2.2 billion). The global market is expanding and will be worth an estimated $134.4 billion by 2025 and tea production is nearing 6.7 million tons.UK consumption at 72 million kilos annually, excluding herbal infusions, ready-to-drink, and instant tea.


The UK is also a significant processor and exporter. The top three exporters, China, Kenya, and Sri Lanka, each reported more than $1 billion in trade value.



Source: STiR Coffee & Tea (Extracts), Courtesy: Tea Exporters’ Association Sri Lanka

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